About us

The Asian Soup Podcast is your cosy space on the internet, hosted by new friends Julia Kim and Roxane Chan.

What started from a zoom call to chat about their careers, quickly turned into realising they had similar dreams of starting a podcast. Sharing and discovering real stories from their Korean and Chinese Australian experience, this podcast is about two new friends learning about each other as much as it’s about learning about themselves.

About Rox

Rox is a 30 something year old Chinese Australian. When she’s not working on her sustainable fashion label KIN Made, you’ll find her cooking, doing pilates or yoga, reading and watching YouTube videos or Kdramas.

About Jules

Jules is a 30 something year old Korean Australian. In her spare time when she’s not working on the podcast, she’s doing yoga or pilates, reading, working on her shop Pepper Grey, cooking or camping in her van @delicakun.