Doenjang jjigae recipe

Doenjang jjigae

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make dish that’s nutritious and cosy, this doenjang jjigae recipe’s for you. Have it with a hot bowl of rice with your favourite sides, and you’ve got yourself a homey and nutritious meal.

Ep 20: Our karaoke memories – and all the songs we love

As 30-something-year-old Asian-Aussies, karaoke was a huge part of growing up in Sydney – both as young children and young teenagers. Karaoke brought us joy, it taught us about our culture, and most importantly, it bonded us. From karaoke room must-haves, to karaoke drinking games, to all the songs we used to listen to on […]

Ep 19: Speaking up – how to speak up & when is it okay?

Jules and Rox have a chat about something that’s been on their minds lately – speaking up more in their day to day. Sharing some real experiences from everyday life, they discuss (and practise) how they might react in certain situations.   Sometimes it requires a bit of assertiveness, and sometimes it requires some confidence […]

Ep 17: It’s okay to want what you want

Proposals, marriage, children. Typical topics of two 30-something-year-olds – at least for us..! Rox shares her proposal story for the first time with Jules. We reflect on whether proposals or marriage was something we wanted all along or something that was necessarily on our horizons. Although Rox and Jules have different views on marriage, one […]

Ep 16: Living in sydney – what it’s like and life in the ‘burbs

living in sydney

Hello Sydney, this episode is dedicated to you. And living in Sydney for most of our lives, we feel it’s both time and we’re qualified to speak about you! In this episode, we chat about what Sydney is like, what working in Sydney is like compared to Hong Kong, what it’s like living in the […]

Ep 15: Trying to understand Attachment: childhood fears, our need for validation

attachment and childhood fears

Is there such thing as healthy attachment? What’s so bad about being attached? To be honest, we don’t really know, but in this episode, we try to figure it out. Speaking from an “anxious-preoccupied” attachment-style POV, Rox and Jules chat about some childhood fears, getting validation from others, trying to make people happy and more.

Ep 14: Side hustles: building a fashion brand and ramen party business

Side hustles: building a fashion brand and ramen party business

If you’ve been following the podcast for a while now, you know that Rox and Jules are new friends – yet have SO much in common. One thing they have in common outside of the podcast is that they’re both enjoy working on side hustles. Rox co-owns a sustainable fashion label called KIN []. Jules used to operate ramen parties out of her rental home. In this episode, Rox and Jules share their side hustle stories as well as reflecting back on the wins, the hard times and their learnings.

Ep 13: Being the obedient daughter and the ‘good girl’

Don’t bring shame to the family, and you’re sweet 🥲 Being the obedient daughter, son or child, or being the good girl or boy – is damn hard! And whilst being ‘obedient’ can look different to each person, how it feels to carry this load can be universal. 

Ep 12: Taking a walk down memory lane: Living abroad in Japan & France, long-distance relationships

Taking a walk down memory lane: Living abroad in Japan & France, long-distance relationships

We walk down memory lane and revisit some memories of our youth – specifically our time living our abroad in a completely different country. Living in Japan and living in France – a country where we both don’t speak the language – may sound adventurous and fun, but it could also mean other things such as long distance relationships or navigating to places using a physical lonely planet guide (yes, we’re talking about the pre-google-map days). Did you ever live abroad? If you have, where did you live abroad and for how long? Or if you’d like to, where would you want to go?