Ep 8: 5 Strategies That Helped Us Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety strategies

Anxiety is tricky. And it sucks. It also doesn’t help that our experiences around it is not often talked about openly as there’s still a stigma around it. Some have never experienced it, some have sort of experienced it, and then some experience it every day. Whatever your relationship with anxiety is, we share our experiences dealing with anxiety and hope it can remind you are not alone in feeling this way.   
Some lifestyle changes and coping strategies can make all the difference when navigating through uncertain times. Here are 5 ways that have helped us personally to deal with anxiety. 
Disclaimer** We are not mental health or health professionals. We are only speaking from our own experiences with anxiety and what ways we’ve learned that have helped us. This is by no means professional advice. Please speak to your doctor or a trained professional for further help.